Below you will find the exact itineraries of my two voyages on the Calédonien. Within these records we find that the ship arrived in Taiohae at 7 am on the 13th of March 1969 and left at 2 in the afternoon. Also we see that there was only one person, a passenger in third class, who debarked in Taiohae, on the 16th of February 1971.

Many thanks to Claude Pétrelluzzi who has gone to all the trouble of recovering this information from the Archives of the Chamber of Commerce in Marseille*. (Note: Claude Pétrelluzzi served as Second Capitaine on the Calédonien's last voyage).

(*recherches à  la Chambre de Commerce de Marseille qui possède les archives de la Compagnie)

1) Calédonien voyage 03.40.9 du 03/02/1969  au 26/05/1969

Commandant : Barral
Second Capitaine : Maury
Commissaires : Bonnabel  et de la Taille

Itinéraire aller;

Marseille (15/02/69 Saturday)
Funchal (19/02 Wednesday)
Pointe à Pitre (27/02 Thursday)
Cristobal (02/03  Sunday 17h36 au 03/03 Monday 05h00)
Taiohaé (13/03 Thursday 07h06 à 14h06)
Papeete (15/03 Saturday 14h30 au 19/03 Wednesday 05h24)
Port Vila (26/03 Wednesday 07h36 au 27/03 Thursday 05h30)
Nouméa (28/03 Friday 07h54 au 30/03 Sunday 06h00)
Sydney (02/04 Wednesday 07h24 au 04/04 Friday 00h00)

Passagers embarqués Cristobal :  2 1ère classe -  3 2ème classe - 27 3ème classe ( dont vous)

Passagers débarqués à Sydney :  18 1ère classe - 42 2ème classe - 72 3ème classe  ( dont vous )

2) Calédonien voyage 03.40.1 du 03/01/1971 au 02/05/1971

Commandant : Cherbonel
Second Capitaine : Manand
Commissaires : 1) Faivre 2/ Carre

Itinéraire aller: 
Marseille (départ 22/01 Friday 17h00)
Funchal (26/01 Tuesday 08h30 à 17h00)
Pointe à Pitre (02/02 Tuesday 07h42 à 18h06) Cristobal (05/02 Friday 17h06 au 06/02 Saturday 05h24)
Taiohaé (16/02 Tuesday 07h06 au 17/02 Wednesday 06h00 )   Passagers débarqués à Taiohaé :  1 3ème classe (vous)

3) Calédonien voyage 05.40.1 du 03/05/1971 au 03/08/1971  ( Last voyage of the Calédonien)

Commandant : Lafond
Second Capitaine : Claude Pétrelluzzi

Below are photocopies of pages 12 to 15 of my Passport showing the various Visas and stamps of arrival and departure note the small Marseille 21/01/71 stamp  

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Visa issued by the French Consulate in London (CONSULAT GENERAL DE FRANCE A LONDRES).
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Visa issued in Taiohae 16 February 1971 and prolonged to 30 June. Further prolonged for two months in Tahiti.
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