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L. A. Miller - Graphic Artist

Specializing in:
Illustration, design, photography, animation. oil painting, watercolors.

Additional Studies:
Astrology 1972 - 1975, Occult sciences 1972 - 1975, Krishnamurti 1975, Climatology 1974, Polynesian Material Culture 1984, Archaeology 1989, Auto Cad - BCIT 1986, Implementology 1989, Ampelography 1996, Internet, Pagespinner 2000, Computer Music, Reason 2001. Macromedia Flash MX 2003,

Specialized areas of research:
Decorative bookbindings (16th to 18th centuries).
The Early East Polynesian Material Culture.(Française)
18th century dictionaries, cyclopaedias, encyclopedias and lexicons.

Claims to fame:
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At the age of 16, I formed my own 60's Rock Band that were once the headliners at the Teenbeat Night Club in Las Vegas (see The Bitter Sweets).

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Lived alone in a tree house of my own design in the remote jungle of Nuku Hiva.


Served as crew member on Bob Griffith's boat, the "Awahnee" (first ferrocement boat to circumnavigate the South Pole). We sailed from Papeete to Honolulu via the Leeward Islands (1971).

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Hitchhiked across the Sahara in 1972, i.e. before there was a road.

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Stowed away on a British cargo ship on the Ivory Coast.

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Worked as an Astrologer in London and Sydney 72-73


Worked briefly as a chauffeur in London, driving a Rolls that was once owned by Michael Caine.

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Father of Implementology; owner of the worlds largest private collection of Polynesian artifacts.

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Six tracks in the all time top 40 at Reasonstation (experimental) see "tahitilink".

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Self educated independent scholar and polymath, who has lived for the last 30 years on a remote island in the South Seas.

Rare Book specialist.
(buying and selling of rare books)
Rare book collection (over 2000 volumes)
Freelance Consultant for the British Library

Computer Art Specialist
(over 20 years experience) Digital Art Reproduction, Computer assisted Rendering (Photoshop) Animated video (Macromedia Flash) Computer generated music (Reason)

Internet, html specialist
(10 years experience)
Over 1000 pages on the internet

Webmaster of these sites:

Virtual Bookbinding

Avatar Life

Orientalist Art

Virtual Picture Frames

Special Interests:
Metaphysics, philosophical and religious speculation, and related subjects; Occult sciences, Hypnosis, Astral travel and Lucid dream control.

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Photographic Art Folder.

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The Nuku Hiva Diary - 1971.

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The Tubuai Project 1974 - 1978.

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